Greener and Healthier Turf, with Less Water

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Greener and Healthier Turf, with Less Water

  • Moisture retention & lower evaporation
  • Drainage & compaction resistance
  • Porosity to oxygenate soil
  • Stability (<8% degradation 20 years)
Green Compost
  • Humus carbon for soil microbes
  • Nutrients
  • Aggregate stabilization
  • Mycorrhizal colonization

(Credits: Milt McGiffen, Ph.D., and Jonathan Montgomery, University of California, Riverside)

Soil amended with Turf Rescue holds more water. During irrigation, water is held in the root zone available for future use, minimizing losses to drainage beyond the root zone and to surface runoff. Compaction is alleviated, so that roots can penetrate and access deep soil moisture. Humus from green compost, enabled by oxygenated soil, promotes plant-root symbiotic soil microbes enabling nutrient uptake by the plant.

The application of Turf Rescue reduces water loss from surface evaporation. The technology alters the particle size structure of the soil, reducing the interstitial surface area available for evaporation, maximizing water use efficiency.