Maintain Green Turf, with Less Water

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Maintain Green Turf with Less Water

  • Reduces water use
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Retains water
  • Improves permeability
  • Reduces density

Maximum Impact with Degraded and Marginal Soils

Max Impact
  • Low organic matter
  • High salts
  • High clay
  • High gravel
Problem Signs
  • Puddling and runoff
  • Patchy brown spots
  • Short roots
  • Amorphous or gravel texture

Soil amended with Turf Rescue holds more water. During irrigation, water is held in the root zone available for future use, minimizing losses to drainage.

(Credits: Soil with 10% Turf Rescue from the Palmer Course, La Quinta, California)

The application of Turf Rescue reduces water loss from surface evaporation. The product is engineered to increase the average particle size of the soil, reducing the surface area available for evaporation.

(Credits, Sports Field with 20 cubic yard per acre application rate, Fountain Valley, California)

Turf rescue optimizes water permeability rate, thereby allowing water to supply the root zone while minimizing runoff.

Soil density is reduced, so that roots can penetrate and access deep soil moisture.