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Field Day at UC Riverside

August 24th, 2016

elementC6 will have a Turf Rescue™ exhibit at the Turfgrass and Landscape Research Field day held by the University of California Cooperative Extension in Riverside, California on September 15. Field Day is held every year to highlight developments in turf and landscape water conservation. One of the featured stops will be the plot study using compost and biochar under drought conditions with tall fescue grass, now in its third year. Highlights from the 2015 Field day included “combined biochar and compost amendments result in increased soil water content and rooting depth”. Additionally, the faculty found that “visual quality was improved compared to controls with all biochar amendments”. elementC6 has improved the formulations to provide for enhanced soil structure and reduced surface evaporations.

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Biochar Q&A: Rick Wilson

August 20th, 2016

The Center for Carbon Removal recently spoke with Rick Wilson, who leads the company Element C6 in market development for biochar, and works with Agromin in manufacturing, blending and trucking of the material. Biochar (a.k.a charcoal) can be used as a soil amendment and as a carbon sequestration tool, but its commercialization for these purposes is in its early days. Below I’ve summarized an email exchange with Rick about how their commercialization efforts overlap with the idea that biochar can serve as a carbon removal solution.

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