Saving Water with Biochar Products

for Turf Grass and Sports Field Construction


Step 1: Aerate

Thoroughly aerate with at least 9 holes per square foot, 5/8” drill, 3-inch depth (12 holes per square meter using a 3-centimeter drill to a depth of 8 centimeters)

Step 2: Apply as Topdressing
Step 3: Incorporate

Drag carpet over application area to push material into aeration holes

Step 4: Water

Irrigate for five minutes to further work product into holes. Ready to play

Turn Back Water in 30 days starting with 10% reduction. Increment reduction by 5% every two days. Maintain soil volumetric water content above 20% for quality. We recommend using Coaxial Impedance Dielectric Reflectometry technology to monitor soil volumetric water content. At least 20 measurements per acre (50 measurements per hectare) should be taken and averaged to quantify moisture levels, measured at the same time each day after the turf has dried out.